As I connect with the realities of our uncertain world, I begin to imagine a post human/post animal landscape. I envision this future landscape infused with our residual essence and spirit; the love, care for the earth, quiet, and mystery that lingers .

Although void of any human or animal species , these paintings  are painted with a layering of glazes resulting in a sheen that captures the viewer's reflection and locates them within the landscape. This is an invitation to enter an imagined, mysterious,  evolving , atmospheric space. Beyond an expression of hope, this work portrays the aftermath of our existence. What remains in these imaginary landscapes is the dynamic and powerful  spirit (love) represented by the hot red and orange embers in the atmosphere.

Wrapped in these night wanderings, in the gloaming, is a somnambulant shared dream space where we may find wonder and beauty. These Nocturnes offer quiet times when we can hear and see and even say things that might not make sense in the day, but which carry the messages from the unconscious that may contain the answers we need and  the nourishment we crave.