These drawings were inspired by Heraclitus’ writings(fragments) and from meditative walks through the woods on the land of the Saltonstall Foundation where my studio was located in the winter of 2008/2009 . These Drawings explore the connection between the land and the artist and inquire about the space between. Regular walks daily prior to studio time led to an experience that was linked in a visceral sense to the philosopphy of Heraclitus.

(a). Everything flows and nothing abides; everything gives way and nothing stays fixed.

(b) Homer was wrong in saying, “Would that strife might perish from amongst gods and men.” For if that were to occur, then all things would cease to exist.

(c) Soul is the vaporization out of which everything else is composed; moreover it is the least corporeal of things and is in ceaseless flux, for the moving world can only be known by what is in motion.

(d) Human nature is not rational; there is intelligence only in what encompasses him.

(e) [When visitors unexpectedly found Heraclites warming himself by the cooking fire:] Here, too, are gods.

1. Although this Logos is eternally valid, yet men are unable to understand it — not only before hearing it, but even after they have heard it for the first time. That is to say, although all things come to pass in accordance with this Logos, men seem to be quite without any experience of it — at least if they are judged in the light of such words and deeds as I am here setting forth. My own method is to distinguish each thing according to its nature, and to specify how it behaves; other men, on the contrary, are as neglectful of what they do when awake as they are when asleep.

2. We should let ourselves be guided by what is common to all. Yet, although the Logos is common to all, most men live as if each of them had a private intelligence of his own.

3. The sun is the breadth of a man’s foot.

5. They pray to images , much as if they were to talk to houses; for they do not know what gods and heroes are. When defiled they purify themselves with blood, as though one who had stepped into filth were to wash himself with filth. If any of his fellowmen should perceive him acting in such a way, they would regard him as mad.

6. The sun is new each day.
7. If all existing things were smoke, it is by smell that we would distinguish them. 8. Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony.