When Cupid Went Crazy Oil on Canvas 2019

When Cupid Went Crazy Oil on Canvas 2019


Salon Design Gallery in Boston through August 25

See images here: https://www.salondesign.us/navigation

Review of my work in the Inaugural exhibition at Cove Street Arts by Dan Kany



Cove Street Arts Inaugural Exhibition
June - August 2019
Cove Street Arts: 67 Cove Street, Portland, ME

June 25 - August 25, 2019
Salon Design Gallery: 126 Charles Street, Boston, MA

Atmospheric Water
May - October 2019
L.C. Bates Museum: 14 Easler Rd, Hinckley, ME

Joseph Fiore Foundation
June - September 2019
Rolling Acres Farm: 152 Punk Point Road, Jefferson, ME

Photo courtesy of Cove Street Arts / Craig Becker