Artist Statement

 My paintings , drawings and prints reflect my travels along the coast and my ongoing research of the impact of climate change on small communities.  Drawn in by the  sublime qualities of Maine, I take my impressions from my meanderings and research into the studio to grapple with the ideas and questions that arise around the subject of human interaction and connection to the environment. Climate change and its imminent impact is on my mind primarily as I delve into questions such as : How do I visually represent and understand that which we cannot yet see? How do I process overwhelming ideas such as: impact of sea level rise, melting glaciers, ocean acidification and warming, species extinction, and storm surges ? How do we process the impact of this information and its forthcoming reality? How do we talk about these issues, process these changes emotionally? How do we cope with the knowledge that we are a species destroying our own habitat ar an alarming rate? How do we find hope in these times, humour, and humanity?  

In this presentation of  a universal terrain I invite the viewer's exploration and contemplation of our human impact on the environment and our emotional connection to the environment in these crucial times.